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Hamilton, Kitchener, Brantford, Guelph, Vaughan, Toronto, Niagara Falls & surrounding

7 days a week: 7am - 10pm

Fully brandable, custom design photo template, instant professional prints on-site. Leading photo booth in Greater Toronto & Hamilton area, Kitchener, Niagara Falls area.

Call / Text us 7 days a week: 7am - 10pm
Photo Booth Availability: 366 days, 24/7 including stats holiday

Don't have a price or package you are looking for?
Email / Text / Call us for a "build your own" package list starting from 1 hour. We would love to make it happen!
(Note: We do not provide discounts and stand with the quality of services we provide. However, there are certain services you can opt-out)


3 hours to start

$699 + Tax includes 3 hours
+$150 per additional hour

Physical print out & digital copy

 Max 5 prints per photo

Unlimited printing for the event

Custom design photo template

Remove our URL on photo

Physical props & backdrop

Why WOW Activation Photo Booth in Kitchener?

Our clients sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. We help plan, provide recommendations, and run the show.

DSLR camera, proper lighting and provide direction to guests. We take pride in the quality of the photos.

Privacy! We don't post your photos anywhere! If you are using another provider, make sure you ask!

Photo booth rentals for Weddings, Corporate events, Prom and dances, Graduation, Anniversaries, Birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Event Sponsor, Brand Activation, and more. 

Wedding Photo Booth | Mirror Booth Rental | Photo Booth Rental Kitchener

Photo Booth
Photo Booth Rental

Sponsoring an Event or having a Brand Activation campaign in Kitchener?

Check out how our photo booth can add more fun to your event and increase your email capture rate, with our CASL compliant email capture and sending process

Capturing Moments With

Capture Memories with Wow Activation’s Photo Booth Rentals In Kitchener

Are you planning an event and want to add a touch of fun and nostalgia? Look no further than Wow Activation’s photo booth rental service! With over 1,000 events, we understand the importance of capturing memorable moments and ensuring your guests have a blast. 

To know more about getting a photo booth rental in Kitchener, contact our team to learn more.

Let’s focus on why our photo booth rental service is the perfect addition to any party agenda.


Agenda - Do You Know What Time You Need a Photo Booth?

At Wow Activation, we recognize that every event has its unique agenda. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday bash, corporate event, or any other special occasion, we’ll work closely with you to understand your schedule and ensure the photo booth experience seamlessly integrates into your plans.

We aim to provide your guests with the best possible experience tailored to your event’s timeline.


Choice of the Booth

When choosing the right photo booth for your event, factors like venue type and layout play a crucial role. 


We offer two main types of booths to accommodate varying venue requirements:

Mirror Booth

Ideal for indoor venues, our Mirror Booth adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any event. However, it’s important to note that the Mirror Booth requires a level surface and cannot be used outdoors. If your venue includes stairs, we’ll work with you to ensure a ramp or elevator for smooth setup and operation.

Classic Booth

For outdoor events or venues with stairs and no ramp or elevator access, our Classic Booth is the perfect solution. Designed for versatility, it offers the same high-quality photo booth experience while catering to a broader range of event settings.

Why Work With Wow Activation?

Our team of experienced professionals will handle every aspect of the photo booth rental process, from setup to teardown, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event. If you are looking for a luxury photo booth rental in Kitchener, explore a series of options.

In addition to our offerings, here are some of the options we offer:

Customization Options

Personalize your photo booth experience with custom backgrounds, props, and print designs to match your event theme and style.

High-Quality Prints

Our state-of-the-art photo booths capture crystal-clear images and produce high-quality prints that serve as lasting mementos for you and your guests.

Interactive Features

From touchscreen interfaces to social media sharing capabilities, our photo booths have interactive features that enhance the guest experience and encourage social engagement.

Here’s How You Can Book The Photo Booth Rental


Ready to elevate your event with Wow Activation’s photo booth rental service? Booking is easy! Visit our website or contact us directly to discuss your event details and secure your reservation. This becomes even more important when looking for a party photo booth in Kitchener.

Our friendly team will guide you through the process and ensure everything is set up for a memorable photo booth experience.

Partner With Us!

Wow Activation’s photo booth rental service is the perfect addition to any party or event, offering a fun and interactive way to capture memories and create lasting impressions. 

With various booth options and customizable features, we’re dedicated to providing you and your guests an unforgettable experience. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wow your guests—book your photo booth rental today!

We are the only photo booth provider in Kitchener that has a CASL compliant email capture process


Locations We Serve

AncasterBrampton • ​Brantford • ​​Burlington • ​CambridgeDundasGrimsby • ​Guelph • ​​​Hamilton • ​Kitchener • ​Milton • ​Mississauga • ​Niagara Falls • ​Niagara on the Lake • ​Oakville • ​St. Catherines • ​Stoney Creek • ​Toronto • ​Waterdown • ​Waterloo • ​Welland

  • How does booking work?
    Book us online! You really know what you want. We have our pricing and package available on our website! After you book us, our team will reach out to you within the next 24 hours to understand your event, make any necessary adjustments (if we feel the time booked isn't the best for your), provide you with the next steps! Phone or Text us at (289) 460-0407 We will understand your event and explain how things works, and provide you a proposal for the next steps! Our pricing is the same on our website, unless you have some customization request. Email us at We will respond to you within 24 hours or sooner to understand your event and explain how things work. Our pricing is the same as on our website, unless you have some customize request.
  • Before Booking: What to know before booking?
    When you work with us, we will ensure all of this are discussed at the very beginning to ensure both parties time are not wasted. Venue - Do you have one booked? Is it indoor or outdoor? If staircase is involved, is it wheelchair assessable? Is there a power supply? Our Mirror Booth can only be used indoor and if staircase is involved, we need to ensure there's either a ramp or elevator. Fortunately, we also have our Classic Booth, which allows us to conduct outdoor event or any event where staircase is involved without ramp or elevator. Agenda - Do you really know what time you need a photo booth? We served over 1,000+ events and we will work with you to understand your agenda, to ensure your guest get the best photo booth experience from us! You don't want to book us for a wedding from 7pm - 10pm, but have speech run from 7pm - 8pm where no one dare to leave their seat! We also have idle time add-on ($50/hour) to serve during cocktail hours! For example, our photo booth can run from 5pm - 6pm (1 hour) and stay idle for 2 hours, then resume our service from 8pm - 10pm. This idle time feature also make it possible for us to set up prior to your guest arrival, so when we arrive for setup, it doesn't interfere any programming you have. This is however, rarely an issue! Space requirements - 5m x 5m space (required). Minimum is 3.5m x 3.5m - Power source (required) - Within 5m of power source (preferred, not required) - Area facing the wall or corner (preferred, not required) to prevent flash light irritate your guests - WiFi (preferred, but not required). If WiFi is not provided, cellular reception is a must!
  • After Booking: What happens next?
    We will reach out to you to: Understand your event Most importantly understand your agenda to ensure you don't book us on time that no one will use the photo booth (i.e. overlap with Keynote Speaker). Custom design photo template We provide custom design of photo template to ensure the photo template suit your theme! We will ensure the overall look is align with your event, add any text or logo as you may require. The possibility is endless! Our Budget Booth option does not come with custom design photo template. Client will choose from an inventory of template, or can purchase online from other source and send it to us. Get your venue or event planner contact If you are paying for a venue or event planner, let us do the work for you! We liaise with them for all the small details, and only work with you with things that matters to you the most, such as photo template design!
  • Do you include props and backdrop?
    Yes and Yes! Our package comes with physical props and backdrop. Physical props are generic in nature, and we have props that covers all types of events. If you have a very unique and rare theme, we can find ways to make it work! Backdrop: We try to keep this very generic to avoid oversaturated outcome. We have photo template that is custom designed to fit your theme, we also have physical props that guests will be holding. There is really limited value on having a custom backdrop. You can visit our backdrop options, or we have our greenscreen function that we can insert any virtual background. We will provide recommendation of backdrop once our photo template design is confirmed. Downside of Green Screen: not 100% perfect. Guests that wears green, or has any colour that is close to the virtual background will not be perfect.
  • Payment method
    We do require a $150 deposit to hold the date. The remaining balance is due 1 day prior to the event or if payable by cheque, we may accept it on the day of the event, prior to service start time. We accept: E-Transfer, Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, and Cash Deposit cannot be paid via Cash, unless client willing to drop it off. We will provide payment instructions.
  • What type of events are best with photo booth?
    We do all types of events! Weddings, Corporate Party, Annual Holiday Party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Graduation, Wedding Anniversary, Engagement Party, Gala Dinner, Celebration, Luncheon, Department Gathering, and more! Corporate sponsor? We work with many corporate sponsors as they sponsor a photo booth for industry association event, community events, and even graduation events! Your logo will be on each photo template! Corporate activation: We provide our photo booth services for many retailers for their grand opening, anniversary sale, community sponsorship (i.e. brand activation campaign). In addition to logo on photo template, we have the capability to collect guest email and include a short marketing message when sending guest their photo. Our email sending and collection process is CASL compliant. For more info on Corporate Sponsor or Corporate Activation, see our brand activation page
  • If you are not booking with us, what you should know about other vendors
    We would love to serve you, but we also care about your event no matter who you go with. Here are the things that we stood out: Privacy We never post any of your pictures any where! Most vendors may have a clause in their contract which allows them the right to use your photos for marketing (i.e. Facebook post, use on their website, etc.). Some don't ask and just assumed they have the right. Make sure you confirm in writing that your photos aren't going anywhere! Image quality We use DSLR camera and proper lighting to capture high quality photo. Some providers may use an iPad front camera, and often come without proper lighting. Check to ensure that a DSLR camera and proper lighting will be used. Instant Printing We offer instant printing on the spot. Check if your package does come with printing, and if there's a limit. Agenda We reviewed your agenda to ensure you book us at a time where your guests will get the most out of the experience. Often, client will know what time they need, but we let you know if the time slot isn't appropriate. Make sure you ask your provider what is their recommendation. URL on photo template We do not put our URL on the photo template, with the exception of our Budget Booth, which is prominently disclosed on our package and pricing. Most providers assumed the right, best to check in advance. Email collection This is mainly for corporate customers. Our email collection (for remarketing) and sending process is compliant with Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). This allow our client to include a marketing message and a call to action that link to your preferred site, when sending guests a digital copy of their photo. We can provide legal attestation. Some providers may offer email or data collection capability. Please ensure that the process is CASL compliant. WiFi If the venue doesn't provide WiFi, we have our own mobile hotspot. We do need to ensure that the venue has cellular reception if WiFi is not provided. Some providers doesn't come with WiFi, and any digital image will only be sent to guest hours or day after picture was taken. Provider you can trust We provide corporate quality event planning experience. It's your big day, or it's your busiest day. We understand that and we take full responsibility and ownership to ensure that you get to enjoy the event, and we will take care of your guests!

Have more questions about our photo booth rental in Kitchener? Reach out to us without pressure!

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